November 18, 2011

brand-new-heavies-live-japan-reportStarship Heavies Log
Japan Tour
Stardate 2011, November

The 6 days of what can only be described as madness begins with a very long journey on which the in-flight entertainment was broken. Was like flying in the 70′s, b4 there were screens on the back of the seats, so we began exploring the grape growing regions of planet Earth…. 20 hrs later………..

Day 2: We’re playing two shows a night here, but arrive in Tokyo the day before the first. After promising to meet in the lobby in half an hour for food, we convene 5 hours later and eagerly head to favoutite location ‘PISS ALLEY’, for food and refreshment. It’s very busy down there so we end up starting with refreshments at favourite bar, The Albatross. Life is sweet – it’s warm too, so with everyone on excellent form we head up to the tiny roof and don some of the hats hanging on the wall on the way. (See pics at the bottom). Finally get to bed at 6am after Squid Intestines, Lemon Sochi beverages and a €40 cab ride to Roppongi… Late night dodgy Ramen… Found a granny bike with flat tyres…. Claire & Stevie have giant Oysters cooked on an open grill…..

DAY 3: Japanese & western breakfast – Yum!

Honey, our lead vocalist for this stint, arrives from LA and straight onstage. Hardcore and 2 hard rockin’ jaw droppin’ shows. Went to the Stonesthrow records party after. Boogied to Hip Hop then saw the amazing STEPKIDS – Great music with incredible visuals! Very tired now, but it was Ramen O’Clock and accidentally went to the most excellent joint for this possible. D-Licious! It’s 6am again – time for random Karaoke bar- Just crazy in there – some blurry shots to see…..

Day 4: 2 more great shows with great audiences. Dressing room party!

Facebook quotes:

‘Just came back from The Brand Heavies’ !! I have never seen such a funky crazy band! I guess I should have paid for the aftershow party at the dressing room. We had a fabulous DJ with lots of old school FUNK!!

‘YOU GUYS should have been there last night! I’ve seen” the backstage” for years but I couldn’t believe how FUNKY these guys were AFTER the show!!!!’

brand-new-heavies-love-japnAfter the after show….. Too late for The Alley so went into seedy Shinjuku for some food…. Few beers later and more amazing Ramen. On the walk back did a nice photo on a giant sculpture of the word LOVE……

DAY 5: Drowzy flight to Osaka – Out to the shops….. There’s quite a lot of people here!!! Sushi! – Goooood! Some went out for a quiet dinner, but played bar roulette and ended up hanging out with some Yakuza cage fighter and sang them karaoke style Earth Wind & Fire tunes!!! Lived to Tell the tale too!

DAY 6: Once again a great crowd… Of note… 2nd show, Talao, our Japanese trombone player surprises us all by taking apart his trombone during his solo whilst still playing in different stages dismantling…. Mental… Brilliant….

Andrew finds a tiny bass and decides to come on stage pretending to play it while Stevie guitar tech hides behind his amp really playing it. Laughed? We nearly…..

DAY 7: Are we nearly there yet…. Sleepy flight home…. Ahhhhh your own bed : – )

Next Week……….. Jamming in Secret London Location…..

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